Easy Air Organic Allergy Relief Laundry Rinse REFILL
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Easy Air Anti-Allergen

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Easy Air Organic Allergy Relief Laundry Rinse REFILL
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Easy Air Organic Allergy Relief Laundry Rinse is a clear-liquid laundry additive that can penetrates cloth fibers and destroy the protein allergens that cling to washable fabrics. Destroys pet allergens produced by even the cleanest dogs and cats. Eliminates allergy-causing contaminants in clothing, bed linen, towels, even hand-washable. Gets rid of microscopic animal allergens that stick to pet cushions, towels and fabric toys. Also deconstructs microscopic, allergy-causing dust mite allergens. All natural and 100% organic, this formula stops allergy symptoms that can make life miserable. And lets you discover what clean really feels like! Laboratory tested. Biodegradable. Fragrance free. No harmful side effects.

  • STOPS INDOOR ALLERGY SYMPTOMS by destroying the allergens that contaminate dirty laundry
  • LABORATORY-TESTED ALL NATURAL FORMULA works without harsh chemicals or pesticides
  • MADE ESPECIALLY FOR CLOTHES, TOWELS AND BED LINEN, where most allergens collect
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE on every purchase, every time, no questions asked
  • PESTICIDE & CHEMICAL FREE it's safe for everything - from baby's laundry or sickroom sheets

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