lavender essential oil which can relieve migraine pain

How to Get Migraine Relief -- Try Essential Oils!

Next time you need strong headache relief, skip the aspirin and prescription drugs. Instead, reach for an essential oil.

Consider the Numbers

Solid research data supports this essential oil approach. For example, clinical studies show that lavender oil relieves migraine pain in as many as 72 percent of people tested. In addition, a number of studies find that essential oils of peppermint and rose can reduce migraine pain and relieve other headaches, too.

In comparison, the Migraine Treatment Group reports that Tylenol helps about half of all migraine pain sufferers. Ibuprofen works for 57 percent. And Imitrex, a drug often prescribed for people with migraines, is effective for only 59 percent of those tested.

The Major Study

Most of all, consider a 2012 study conducted by the Department of Neurology at Iran’s Mashhad University of Medical Sciences. Researchers enrolled 47 diagnosed migraine patients and divided them into two groups. Everyone in the trial group was told to treat their migraines with 2-3 drops of essential oil of lavender, applied to their upper lip. They were told to inhale the smell of the oil for 15-minutes and then score their headache pain every 30 minutes for the next two hours. Control subjects received similar instructions but were given a “placebo” (false) formula to inhale.

Among the 129 reported headaches that were experienced by trial subjects, nearly three out of every four responded entirely or partially to the lavender essential oil therapy. On the other hand, fewer than half in the control group responded to the placebo.

A “Whole Family” Headache Remedy

Based on all these findings, a growing number of American households are choosing to use essential oil remedies for headache relief. Headache ReLeaf Roll-On is a good example. This pocket-size herbal medicine gently combines essential oils of lavender, rose, and peppermint added to pain-relieving menthol. The result is aromatherapy for migraine and any other kind of headache.

It quickly relieves fever, cold or flu headache. It combats stress and tension headache, and it’s great for sinus headache and hangover pain. Headache ReLeaf also relieves pet allergy headache.

Finally, like all aromatherapy formulas, Headache ReLeaf is 100% family-friendly product. It’s safe for adults, teens, and children ages 5 and up. No big pills to swallow, and no bitter liquids to drink. Plus, the convenient roll-on applicator makes it easy for kids to use the remedy themselves with no harmful side effects.

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