Aromaworks Aromatherapy Mix & Match Inhaler 3-Pack
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Aromaworks Aromatherapy Mix & Match Inhaler 3-Pack
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Don’t miss a fun and practical way to use aromatherapy.  With this 3-Pack essential oil kit, you can choose any three of our essential oil pocket inhalers. They’re all safe and effective. And the 3-Pack saves you nearly $3 off the regular price.

So which 3 do you want to try?

  • ALERT is an herbal stimulant. It offers a natural energy boost and improves concentration.  Consider it your go-to essential oil pick me up!

  • RELAX gives all natural stress relief and calms a hyperactive mind. Soothes frazzled nerves. So you can unwind without drugs.

  • SLEEP is one of the best natural treatments for insomnia. It’s formulated to help those who want to sleep better without drugs. 
  • SUPPRESS is a natural way to lose weight fast. It’s an herbal appetite suppressant that curbs hunger & jumpstarts digestion. 

Here’s aromatherapy for people on-the-go. No diffuser. No greasy massage oils. All four inhalers are lightweight and small enough to keep in your pocket or desk drawer, tucked inside your purse, backpack or briefcase.

Non-habit forming. Safe for ages 5+. No harmful side effects. Use as needed. Puts the power of aromatherapy at your fingertips. 

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