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AromaWorks Aromatherapy Inhaler Variety Pack
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AromaWorks Aromatherapy Inhaler Variety Pack
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ALERT is a natural stimulant to boost energy, improve concentration, keep you at peak performance. Use it when you want a healthy pick-me-up. RELAX is a drug-free tranquilizer that calms stress & tension, relieves worry, quiets an overactive mind. Use it when you're anxious or find it hard to focus your thinking. SLEEP works like a mild sedative that fights insomnia and helps you get faster & better sleep. Use it to combat sleeplessness, no matter the cause. SUPPRESS is a safe diet aide to help you lose weight faster without food cravings, hunger pains or headache. Use it especially those first few days of a diet regimen, when the body is releasing toxins. Each inhaler offers 40-50 inhalations.

  • RELAX Stops Stress, Relaxed Muscle Tension
  • SUPPRESS appetite suppressant for weight loss
  • SLEEP combat insomnia for deep sleep
  • ALERT boosts energy lifts spirits
  • Safe 100% All-Natural Ingredients

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